Library in danger of closing?

The Eckville library board wishes to address the concerns that the library is in danger of closing. This is not the case.

Libraries in smaller towns and villages tend to run on tight budgets. They rely on various grants and can sometimes end up with cash flow issues until the next grants arrive. That has been the case in Eckville. The Town of Eckville has decided that they will provide funding in smaller portions throughout the year rather than in a lump some once a year. This will ease the cash flow issues.

The Eckville library is in the process of switching the accounting program which we hope to have in place by the time the library board and management meet in late October in order to prepare our budget for presenting to the Eckville Town Council later this year.

Libraries rely on grants but they also rely on fundraising and donations from community members and businesses. Your donations and contributions to our fundraising enable us to provide more programs and the best service possible. We are going to be having our silent auction at the library in November and we would encourage you to come and bid on some of the great items that will be up for auction. We will also be canvassing the community and local businesses for annual sponsorship opportunities. Your financial contributions will help our library continue to grow to be a hub in our community. You may be personally visited by a library representative who will canvas you or you may receive a letter in the mail providing you with options for making donations.

We have an excellent library in Eckville and we encourage you to come and take out a membership and explore our library!